Random Discipline is a small collection, based on the idea of "hand-made" work with vintage army items and sweat-shirts.

Dyed, cut again, accessories and added clothes.

The first collection: "My Own Private Indigo" is based on a single color to get a camaieu of different blue.

The recurrent material used is the Keffieh.

The second collection: "A Red River Flow" is based on a single color to get a camaieu of different red.

Dark, keen and raspberry red, melting together to flow like a river.

All pieces are a mix of t-shirt, felting and army vintage.

Collection 03: Origami stars

The third collection: "ORIGAMI STARS" put stars dust on sweat-shirts.
Each star is unique and hand-made.





Collection 02:
A Red River Flow

BAYRON / Pants
______________________________ (Cooking pants, cotton, dyed in dark red. Pleats nervured in the front til the knee.
______________________________ Opening in the low side of the pants.
______________________________ Dark red pressures and braid.)

______________________________(Cotton dyed in dark red.Broad. Collar worked as a Mao collar.Keen red braid on the low sleeves.)

BRAHIM / Sweat-Shirt
______________________________(Cotton, dyed in dark red. Low sleeves with pleats, pressure and braid in keen red.)

______________________________(Deep V collar. Dyed in red raspberry.Yoke on collar in red Keffieh.)

BOUBACAR / T-shirt
______________________________(T-shirt dyed in black.Black & dark red stripes.Double sleeves in black jersey.)

BRAYAN/ Jacket
______________________________(Army Jacket, dyed in red raspberry.Lining in red Keffieh.)

Photos Patric Chiha, DA Joda.Ito

Collection 01:
My Own Private Indigo

ADRIAN / Pants
____________________________ (Under-pants of the French army, dyed indigo,waist string, Keffieh back and pocket)
ALLAN / Hoody
____________________________(Dyed felting, Keffieh applied on front pocket and hoody)
ABDEL / Jumper
____________________________(French navy jumper, wool, Keffieh applied on neck and elbow)
AARON / Pants
____________________________(Cooking pants, French navy, small fields in linen, dyed indigo,Finishes waist and back pocket in keffieh,
____________________________Black Double Kimono belt with strap)

AWEN / Sweat-shirt
____________________________(Dyed felting, Keffieh on back and elbow)
AIMAD / Jacket
____________________________(French army jacket, dyed indigo. Keffieh applied front and lining)

Photos Patric Chiha, DA Joda.Ito